Jitendra Gaur ISB Hyderabad Jitendra GaurI am Jitendra Gaur having passion for Analytics and working in the field of Web Analytics / Data Analytics / Digital Marketing. I have worked across various verticals such as Insurance, Education, Tour and Travel, Medical, Law firm, e-commerce to name few in over 10 years of my work experience.



2015-09-05 12.54.01IMG_0086When I am have spare time, I would like to spend it with my family i.e. my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters Naina and Pari. At other times, I would be busy in meeting with my friends, usually it will be my old friends but I love making new friends as well.



DSC002422015-03-11 14.31.34When get some time off from office and personal work, to keep myself fit and fine I usually get involved with some adventurous activities or hitting the gym. This helps me in making myself fit and active to work with more vigour and enthusiasm.




DSCN2606Jitendra GaurMy favourite trip had been to Paris, when I was able to meet my childhood favourite character Donald duck at Disneyland. Also I went to Louvre Museum to see the world famous Monalisa painting by Leonardo Di Caprio oops Leonardo Da Vinci.






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